Get Started with Serverless on Red Hat OpenShift

Why Should we use Containers and Serverless together?

  • Avoid vendor lock-in: one of the disadvantages of serverless is vendor lock-in, which means being highly dependant on a vendor for a product or service. When you use serverless with containers, you can easily pick the technologies without worrying about the limitation of options by cloud providers.
  • Save resources: Sometimes, in your Kubernetes cluster, you can have your pods running all the time would lead to consuming more resources than expected, or having specified a quota for your projects might have not let you scale enough number of replicas. Running your containerized applications as serverless will help you scale your applications by consuming the right amount of resources your applications need.
  • Containers support more languages: When using Serverless, the choice of language highly depends on what the cloud provider offers, but with containers, there are no limitations to what you can use, this way you can build serverless applications with any programming language you like.

What is Knative Project?

  • Knative Serving: It allows you to auto-scale and scale to zero based on the HTTP load. The deployment model of Knative Serving Service consists of three components: configuration, revision, and route.
  • Knative Eventing: is useful to subscribe to event sources and it includes brokers and triggers to filter these events based on event attributes.

Serverless Demo

Sentiment Analysis Serverless — Architecture Diagram

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Cloud Platform Engineer at IBM | Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes, OpenShift | Women in Tech

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Cloud Platform Engineer at IBM | Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes, OpenShift | Women in Tech

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